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Note: The employee listed below are ordered as per alphabetical order of their name.
Sl. No.Employee NameDesignationPlace of PostingContact No.Communication Address
1Ashi Sonam ChodenSenior ArchitectGANGTOKNANA
2Barsha GurungSenior ArchitectGANGTOKNANA
3Devika R. SharmaChief ArchitectGANGTOKNANA
4Diki Wangmu BhutiaSenior ArchitectGANGTOKNANA
5Dinkar GurungJoint Chief ArchitectGANGTOKNANA
6Doniv RaiSenior ArchitectGANGTOKNANA
7Dorji Namgyal BhhutiaAssistant ArchitectGANGTOKNANA
8Gayden ChopelJoint Chief ArchitectGANGTOKNANA
9Kamala ChettriAssistant ArchitectGANGTOKNANA
10Kessang WangdiSenior ArchitectGANGTOKNANA
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