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Note: The employee listed below are ordered as per alphabetical order of their name.
Sl. No.Employee NameDesignationPlace of PostingContact No.Communication Address
1Aruna RaiAssistant DirectorGANGTOKNANA
2B. B. GurungAssistant DirectorGANGTOKNANA
3C. S. EthenpaAssistant DirectorGANGTOKNANA
4C.T. LepchaJoint DirectorGANGTOKNANA
5Chewang BhutiaAssistant DirectorGANGTOKNANA
6K. K. BhujelAssistant DirectorGANGTOKNANA
7Karma SamtenJoint DirectorGANGTOKNANA
8Kumari ChettriAssistant DirectorGANGTOKNANA
9Nirmala ChettriAssistant DirectorGANGTOKNANA
10Norden LepchaJoint Director/ Joint welfare OfficerMANGANNANA
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