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Note: The employee listed below are ordered as per alphabetical order of their name.
Sl. No.Employee NameDesignationPlace of PostingContact No.Communication Address
1A. B. SubbaAssistant Chief EngineerSIKKIMNANA
2Aakash GurungAssistant EngineerSIKKIMNANA
3Aita Maya SubbaAssistant EngineerSUMBUKNANA
4Ajit Kr. KashyapAssistant EngineerSIKKIMNANA
5Amit K ZimbaAssistant EngineerSIKKIMNANA
6Angelmit LepchaAssistant EngineerSIKKIMNANA
7Anil ChhettriDeputy EngineerSIKKIMNANA
8Anil Kr. PradhanDeputy EngineerSIKKIMNANA
9Anju Pariyar(Pradhan)Assistant EngineerSIKKIMNANA
10Anusha SharmaAssistant EngineerPAKYONGNANA
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