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1Corrigendum (CIRCULAR NO. 1009-GEN-DOP, dated. 22-07-2019)24-Jul-2019 Corrigen232.pdf
2Corrigendum (O.O.NO. 1402-GEN-DOP, dated. 23-07-2019)23-Jul-2019 Corrigen231.pdf
3Corrigendum to Office Order of Aruna Bagdash22-Jun-2018 Corrigen182.pdf
4Corrigendum to O.O. No. 666 /G/DOP Dated 01/06/2018 in respect of Appointment of IFS Officers01-Jun-2018 Corrigen170.pdf
5Corrigendum to O.O. inrespect of Appointment Order of Shri Karma Legshey Dhondup, IFS, Additional Director - I01-Jun-2018 Corrigen169.pdf
6Partial Amendment of Office Order No. 2195/G/DOP, Dated 12/01/20101-Jun-2018 Partial 156.pdf
7Partial Amendment to Office Order No. 2751.G.DOP, Dated 29.12.201601-Jun-2018 Partial 155.pdf
8Partial Amendment of Office Order No. 2744.G.DOP, Dated 22.08.201701-Jun-2018 Partial 154.pdf
9Corrigendum to Office Order No 400/G/DOP, Dated 08/05/201815-May-2018 Corrigen121.pdf
10Addendum to Office Order of Shri Jabyang Dorje Sherps, Registrar General, High Court of Sikkim19-Apr-2018 Addendum85.pdf
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