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1Promotion vide O.O.NO.2103/G/DOP Shri Hemraj Rai and Pratap Pradhan, IPS15-May-2023 Promotio1274.pdf
2Promotion vide O.O.NO.2060/G/DOP Shri DIlli Prasad Sewa and Anil Pradhan SE10-May-2023 Promotio1273.pdf
3Promotion vide O.O.NO.2059/G/DOP Shri Bikash Rai SE10-May-2023 Promotio1272.pdf
4Promotion vide O.O.NO.2061/G/DOP Shri Richard Lepcha ACE10-May-2023 Promotio1271.pdf
5Promotion vide O.O.NO.2064/G/DOP Dr Sanjay M. Gajmer AHVS10-May-2023 Promotio1270.pdf
6Promotion vide O.O.NO.1939/G/DOP Dr Tashi Chozang Bhuita and others AH and VS29-Apr-2023 Promotio1267.pdf
7Promotion vide O.O.NO.1813/G/DOP Dr Sharman Rai AH and VS15-Apr-2023 Promotio1265.pdf
8Promotion vide O.O.NO.1810/G/DOP Dr Anusha Lama Health Service15-Apr-2023 Promotio1264.pdf
9Promotion vide O.O.NO.1797/G/DOP Shri Bhanu Sharma and Others AE15-Apr-2023 Promotio1261.pdf
10Promotion vide O.O.NO.1796/G/DOP Shri Tulshi Sharma DE15-Apr-2023 Promotio1260.pdf
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