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1Promotion of Sikkim Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Service12-Feb-2020 Promotio348.pdf
2Appointment of IAS12-Feb-2020 Appointm347.pdf
3Proforma Promotion of IAS12-Feb-2020 Proforma346.pdf
4Promotion to the Post of Pr. Chief Engineer10-Feb-2020 Promotio344.pdf
5Promotion of Mrs Kunzang Zangmu Bhutia11-Feb-2020 Promotio343.pdf
6Promotion of Sikkim State Civil Service Vide O.O. No. 4183/G/DOP11-Feb-2020 Promotio342.pdf
7Promotion of Sikkim State Civil Service Vide O.O. No. 4182/G/DOP11-Feb-2020 Promotio341.pdf
8Re- designat vide O.O. No. 3857/G.DOP22-Jan-2020 Re- desi336.pdf
9Promotions Vide O.O No 3589/G/DOP23-Dec-2019 Promotio330.pdf
10Promotions Of State Mechanical Engineering Vide O.O No 3592/G/DOP23-Dec-2019 Promotio327.pdf
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