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1Promotion under Power Department Vide O.O.NO.1208/G/DOP01-Apr-2021 Promotio752.pdf
2Promotion under Civil Engineering Service Vide O.O.NO.1215/G/DOP01-Apr-2021 Promotio751.pdf
3Promotion under Civil Engineering Service Vide O.O.NO.1217/G/DOP01-Apr-2021 Promotio750.pdf
4Promotion under Land Revenue and Disaster Management Vide O.O.NO.1163/G/DOP17-Mar-2021 Promotio749.pdf
5Promotion of Shri Tilak Gajmer Vide O.O.NO.899/G/DOP25-Feb-2021 Promotio741.pdf
6Promotion under Finance and Account Service Vide O.O.NO.934/G/DOP26-Feb-2021 Promotio740.pdf
7Promotion Under Ministerial and Executive Service Vide.O.O.NO.86/G/DOP04-Feb-2021 Promotio726.pdf
8Promotion under Sikkim State Land Revenue Service Vide O.O.NO.606/G/DOP04-Feb-2021 Promotio725.pdf
9Promotion Under Various Department Vide O.O.NO.584/G/DOP04-Feb-2021 Promotio722.pdf
10Promotion of Shri Krishna Kumar Pradhan Vide O.O.NO.586/G/DOP04-Feb-2021 Promotio721.pdf
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