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1Retirement of Shri Ramesh Chettri Vide O.O NO.15/G/DOP06-Jan-2021 Retireme717.pdf
2Retirement of Smt.Shyam Kala Basnett, Vide O.O NO.396/G/DOP25-Jan-2021 Retireme699.pdf
3Retirement of Shri Purna Singh Subba Vide O.O No.3518/G/DOP20-Nov-2020 Retireme661.pdf
4Retirement of Shri Dhan Bdr Subba Vide O.O No.3519/G/DOP20-Nov-2020 Retireme660.pdf
5Retirement of Shri Bipin Chandra Rai Vide O.O No.3515/G/DOP20-Nov-2020 Retireme659.pdf
6Retirement of Shri Govind Thapa Vide O.O No.3311/G/DOP03-Nov-2020 Retireme658.pdf
7Retirement of Smt Eden Lhamu Bhutia Vide O.O No.3310/G/DOP03-Nov-2020 Retireme657.pdf
8Retirement of Shri Ram Krishna Gautam Vide O.O No.3313/G/DOP03-Nov-2020 Retireme656.pdf
9Retirement of Shri Harka Bahadur Subba Vide O.O No.3038/G/DOP08-Oct-2020 Retireme628.pdf
10Retirement of Smt Irene Ongmu Chankapa Vide O.O.NO.2931/G/DOP30-Sep-2020 Retireme620.pdf
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