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1Retirement of Shri Sonam Wangdi Bhutia Vide O.O NO.1287/G/DOP15-Jul-2020 Retireme561.pdf
2Retirement of Shri krishna Bahadur Rai Vide O.O NO.929/G/DOP30-Jun-2020 Retireme544.pdf
3Retirement of Shri Hom Nath Sharma Vide O.O NO.926/G/DOP30-Jun-2020 Retireme543.pdf
4Retirement of Shri Tirtha Lal Tamang Vide O.O No.924/G/DOP30-Jun-2020 Retireme542.pdf
5Retirement of Shri Dorjee Sherpa Vide O.O No.895/G/DOP25-Jun-2020 Retireme529.pdf
6Retirement of Shri Gyan Prasad Subba Vide O.O No.874/G/DOP23-Jun-2020 Retireme527.pdf
7Retirement of Shri Binod Hang Subba Vide O.O No.8251/G/DOP19-Jun-2020 Retireme517.pdf
8Retirement of Shri Govind Kaushik Vide O.O No.818/G/DOP19-Jun-2020 Retireme516.pdf
9Retirement of Shri Gombu Tamang Vide O.O No.806/G/DOP19-Jun-2020 Retireme515.pdf
10Retirement of Shri Arun Kumar Lama Vide O.O No.815/G/DOP19-Jun-2020 Retireme514.pdf
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