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1Shri Anant Jain, IAS14-Oct-2019 Shri Ana278.pdf
2Transfer and Posting Vide O.O. No.2514/G/DOP20-Sep-2019 Transfer275.pdf
3Transfer and Posting Vide O.O. No. 227/GEN/DOP19-Sep-2019 Transfer274.pdf
4Appointment of new Chief Secretary vide Office Order no 2529/G/DOP20-Sep-2019 Appointm273.pdf
5Transfer and Posting Vide O.O. No. 2527/G/DOP20-Sep-2019 Transfer271.pdf
6Transfer and Posting Vide 2462/G/DOP18-Sep-2019 Transfer269.pdf
7Transfer and Posting Vide 222/GEN/DOP17-Sep-2019 Transfer268.pdf
8Transfer and Posting Vide O.O. No. 2392/G/DOP16-Sep-2019 Transfer265.pdf
9Transfer Order of Shri Santosh Rai, GT(Arts)16-Sep-2019 Transfer264.pdf
10Transfer and Posting Vide O.O. No. 2396/G/DOP16-Sep-2019 Transfer263.pdf
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