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1Transfer and Posting Vide O.O.NO.937/G/DOP Shri Dipendra Sharma AD26-Feb-2024 Transfer1465.pdf
2Transfer and Posting Vide O.O.NO.925/G/DOP Ms. Avantika Rajalim and Mr. Nima Tamang AD22-Feb-2024 Transfer1464.pdf
3Transfer and Posting Vide O.O.NO.7427/G/DOP Shri Sapna Thapa and others SCS29-Dec-2023 Transfer1461.pdf
4Transfer and Posting Vide O.O.NO.7425/G/DOP Mr. Thendup Lepcha and others SCS29-Dec-2023 Transfer1459.pdf
5Transfer and Posting Vide O.O.NO.7395/G/DOP Shri Dabgyal Lama and Geeta Kr. Gurung29-Dec-2023 Transfer1447.pdf
6Transfer and Posting Vide O.O.NO.7394/G/DOP Shri Sanjeev Das Rai and others BDO28-Dec-2023 Transfer1445.pdf
7Transfer and Posting Vide O.O.NO.7190/G/DOP Shri R. telang and others30-Nov-2023 Transfer1443.pdf
8Transfer and Posting Vide O.O.NO.7101/G/DOP Ms. Subha Mukhia SCS28-Nov-2023 Transfer1442.pdf
9Transfer and Posting Vide O.O.NO.7062/G/DOP Shri Sonam Wangchuk Bhutia and Parshuram Sharma SPS23-Nov-2023 Transfer1441.pdf
10Transfer and Posting Vide O.O.NO.7058/G/DOP Shri Bikash Tewari and others SPS23-Nov-2023 Transfer1440.pdf
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